RGF Abu Dhabi

After almost three years prospecting opportunities and developing projects with Brazilian and Latin American companies that wish to explore or even establish themselves in the United Arab Emirates, always in a joint effort with Sheihk Butti Mohamed Butii Al Qubaisi, at the end of 2014 the project was amplified.  

Now, they too seek opportunities to invest in Brazilian or Latin American comopanies with good governance and great potential in the long run.  


In light of this, and to better assist our clients, we established a branch of RGF in Abu Dhabi.  Due to local requirements and as a means of facilitating cultural integration, we have as a local partner Mirage Development.  


From our local office in Abu Dhabi, with one of RGF´s partners, Luis Scaglianti, acting as Regional Manager, we are not only able to tend to the UAE but also the GCC countries.  

RGF Abu Dhabi

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