We offer a complete spectrum of financial and operational services delivered through advisory, implementation or interim management.

Products and services geared towards a company's cash flow, especially acting alongside financial market institutions in situations where a company has little or no cash or where there are opportunities that require additional cash.


Finance-related products and services that involve operational activities for their implementation.


Operations-related products and services that involve financial activities for their implementation.




Products and services geared to all areas of a company other than those finance related.



Our job is limited to advising the client, based on specific studies and analyses and on our team's knowledge and experience, transmitted to the client in the form of business documents and presentations.



Our job is delivered through a small workteam that acts executively within a client company, usually running temporarily a given area within the company or executing a special project subordinated to an executive of the client company.


Interim Manager


In this kind of job, RGF takes over the management of the client company by placing team members in the CEO and CFO positions, by deploying an implementation workteam, and by creating a management committee in which the owners participate